How to not be afraid of maths ?

Since my childhood, even some of my friends who were good in math were afraid of it or pretending to be afraid of.

Why ?

Because maths are less likely to be understood by the majority of a class. Moreover, the fact that student success in a class is related to its grades, only amplifies the stress and fear of not understanding maths which prevents most people not striving to welcome it. It may sound sad but it occurs that we just tend to ignore “ difficult stuff” because todays societies just keeps us serving our needs in our hands. Even when we read success stories, those stories seem to happen in 5 minutes whereas those success stories start since the person is born. So please keep in mind that nothing is easy in life, but becomes easy with perseverance.


Welcome more maths. You can always learn maths just like you have learned to breath. Simply try to remember or ask persons you know how you started to breathe. My personal moment is: Crying because air was burning my lungs. And what about today ? I breathe by welcoming air without fear. What about running ? We can leave this topic for another time. Moreover for those who can and like to analyse stuff, go back in time and think of things they could improve today: just be sure to know your chokepoint. The word, the sentence, the concept that bloks you understanding advanced topics in maths. For example, I still think of what does it mean to multiply two numbers ?

2x2=4. Easy

Square of two= 4. Easy

What does a square of a number represent in geometry ? Hmm I might check out this.

a^2 + b^2 = c^2 for a rectangular triangle thanks to our old friend Pythagoras. Have I tried to shape a real life triangle with this formula ?

Just ask yourselves questions and be sure to have a clear answer in your mind. Then do exercices about that field in order to be sure that you know it reeeeally well. Then proceed to a more advanced topic amd repeat the process. Otherwise, simply start this process for a topic which is related yet more elementary to the previous one.

The end

Simply remember we make things easy or hard to learn. Liking or not liking math is another topic but correlated with this one. So for all wanderers who dont want to be gold but will to glitter, you can check out that article too.

As Seth Godin said “ the shortest path to get to the place we are going is to take the longest”.

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