Everything in life is and should be open to discussion. Sooner or later the truth will be discussed.

As for me, Truth is present in two areas: In science and in speaking.


History shows us that science has always been the art of “Knowing”, showing us the truth of things present everywhere excluding beliefs and intentions. To my knowledge, I dont remember any scientific formula neither research that demonstrates what is beliefs and intentions. Yet nothing proved either that science cant demonstrate these notions.


I will take into consideration every person having the capacity of thinking, thus forming toughts. My intuition and reflexion says to me that thoughts are formed in order to fulfill our intentions. Even if an intention is a form of thought, I consider it a prime thought, somehow more “Essential” compared to other form of thoughts.

For example: my intention is to eat. Other thoughts formed to fulfill this intention might be: going to a restaurent. Buying food. Eating it.

I also believe that our core intention is to survive. But what gets interesting at this point is that, I am not sure whether we strive to survive physically, or to make our ideas survive.

For instance taking example of wars and nationalism in the scale of countries. People go to war because ideas conflict or survival intentions arise. Lets look at Cold war. It is a conflict of ideology. People need ideas to survive. Ideas are what creates ideologies and survival systems.

Some are ready to die for their ideas of making their ideology, family, country survive. These people wethere are believers or rationalists, doesnt differ. So this shows that even if we dont know or we are not told what is after death, people are still ready to dediczte themselves to their cause. They ignore death. These are the most dangerous and valuable type of persons ready to be used.

Consciously or subconsciously, we think for a certain reason. We think to fulfill our intentions. To be open, people speaking about laws, good and bad, politics, religion do not speak the truth but their speech tries to reveal truth/intention or hide it: their speech, text reveals their intentions sooner or later and it is their intention that is the Truth sitting behind all their words and sentences. İf you know the intention of a person, you know the truth of his acts. İf you know the truth of his acts, you have the power of control.

In both cases, truth is in our mind and math is the onlu language that guides us to the truth in our mind. Our mind is the universe. So math reveals us the secrets of the universe


I just shared my toughts about what truth is. For me, there is two kind of Truths, one in Science and the other in integrated in our Intentions and willing to survive in our idealogy. Yet as I said, everything should be open to discussion including my toughts. So thank you in advance if you would decide to share with me your toughts concerning this topic.

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